Sen. Tillis: US Can’t Allow Iran to Continue Its Actions

Written by on May 15, 2019

Iran spends hundreds of millions of dollars a year channeling money into terrorist organizations around the world, and President Donald Trump is right to stand up to them, Sen. Thom Tillis said Wednesday.

“We cannot stand down now, and we’ll have to manage the risks that go along with it,” the North Carolina Republican told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.” “I stand behind the president on his current position. I think it’s good for the safety and security of that region.”

Further, Iran will continue to spread its influence if it is left unchecked, said Tillis.

“Hundreds of millions a year go into the terrorist organizations and the country aided and assisted militias that killed hundreds of American soldiers in Iraq during the conflict there,” said Tillis. “This is not something that we can allow to stand. There have to be economic sanctions. The president has proven he doesn’t want to fight wars.”

However, Trump also does not want to let a state sponsor of terrorism such as Iran go unchecked, said Tillis.

“The only thing that Iran seems to react to is this sort of posture,” the senator said. “We would like to enter into a good relationship with Iran but I don’t think under the current leadership that’s possible. You have to check any area of the globe that they’re trying to assert their influence.”

Tillis also discussed the growing trade war with China, saying that Trump has bipartisan support for what he is trying to do, and he is glad to see that happening.

Source: NewsMax Politics

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