WH’s Sanders: NK Missile Testing ‘Isn’t Bothering’ Trump

Written by on May 26, 2019

North Korea’s weapons testing since the last summit between President Donald Trump and the rogue regime’s leader Kim Jong Un “isn’t bothering” Trump, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders says.

In an interview aired Sunday on NBC News’ “Meet The Press,” Sanders, who is accompanying the president in his visit to Japan over the weekend, said Trump’s “focus in all of this process is on continuing the very good relationship that he has with Chairman Kim.”

“And he feels good that the chairman will stay firm with the commitment that he made to the president and move toward denuclearization,” she said, adding: “Some of the activity that’s taken place, as you can see from the president’s Twitter isn’t something that’s bothering the president.”

“The president’s focus in this process is on continuing to move toward total denuclearization of the peninsula,” she said. “We know that the activities at no point that took place over the last several weeks have been a threat to the United States or our allies. And we’re going to continue pushing forward to the ultimate goal and that’s denuclearization of the peninsula.

“And the president still feels comfortable and confident in the relationship that he has with Chairman Kim and that he’s going to stay true to the commitment that he made to the president.”

Source: NewsMax Politics

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